Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mr. A.T. Returns to YouTube with a Vengeance - in Spring 2016

People People Hello There! The Names Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas i am typing down this blog to confirm that i be returning back to youtube, But With a Vengeance,
 why did i decide to return back to youtube is because this year i have finally learned a new strategy that i have not know nothing about for years ever since i was on that site for the past 8 years at the time i was struggling with the view counts with my old videos that i created in the past.
 it all started this year in spring when i was building my own website, by putting my name brand up and customising my pages in my own style. the next thing i know, i found this SEO strategy button by accident, i wanted to know about this SEO strategy so i took the time to look it up And read a number of Articles, then i discovered some suggestions from google search, there was Video SEO so i decided to look that up as well, then i come across youtube SEO which i clicked on and read a number of Articles and i could not believe what i was reading, i also copied and paste the phrase on the youtube search. as i spent a couple of months, watching videos of a number experts that are non youtube superstars that knows video marketing on youtube full well by step and i could not believe what i was hearing, it was truthfully spot on, at that time, i was very disgruntled for the fact that youtube and their lab dog super stars Including other celebrities and corporations knew about this strategy all these years. ever since i was struggle on the video view counts, which i finally now know the truth about their secret strategy and i noticed that how these youtube lapdog superstars kept it so quite about this strategy for a number of years on the Youtube Creator Academy which was a complete waste of my time when all they did is talk about their story how did they become big on youtube and giving us advice how to make successful videos, they just want is to figure it out ourselves while struggling for Viewership, but luckily Derral Eves a pro expert of video marking on youtube and tom brezz explained the whole video optimisation strategy spot on and that is the reason why i am returning back to youtube with a Vengeance for the years of distress and up set with the insignificant amount of viewership on my old videos and placing them with content ID ads with interference, it just shows how determined I am to make a come back with a vengeance on youtube and their lapdogs as I am putting my foot down by making videos again, back in 2013 i left youtube due to youtube's upgraded Content identification system, but now in spring 2016, i will come back and make videos again.
 and I will do the same on zippcast but my videos will be different on zippcast compare to youtube as it will be some exclusives for zippcast.
 that is all for now.
 peace out
 Mr A.T. Andrei Thomas.

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