Monday, 21 September 2015

Goodbye to A.T. Productions and Hello to A.T. Arttles. by Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas

People People Hello There!! the names Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas.

Ladies and Gentleman

today i am typing this blog that it has been 10 years since i had my old logo for my own production name in 2005.

but now we have to say Goodbye to A.T. Productions as the new logo will be Replaced.

Ladies and Gentleman, i would to introduce to you all to my new Production "A.T. ARTTLES" 

and here is a bit more detail for it

as this is going to be my Future Production Name, which it will start in 2016.

the real reason i changed my old production name into a new one is not only because i make live action videos it is because my Actual Style of Animating my own Character designs from London mobile buddies, stop the credit crunch to other animations that I made in the past to suit its theme. just like Aardman's theme of Wallace and Gromit and Shean the sheep. The word "ArTTles" is a combined name for my own production that i made up With My A.T. Begin name, the A.T. Was used the name " Art" Then I mix it with the other beetle as in "tle" according to my 2004 symbol that I created in the past. To come up with the word "Arttles" and arttle currently based on my own style of creativity but more importantly for my own style of drawing and animating character designs with big eyes.

as we now say good bye to A.T. Productions and Hallo to A.T. ARTTLES FILMS Ltd. As this will start in 2016.

that is all for now

peace out

Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas.

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