Thursday, 24 September 2015

i hate the HTF Fandom - i stand alone with LMB

People people hello there, the names Mr A.T. Andrei Thomas from A.T. Arttles Ltd.

I am typing down this blog because something has finally caught my eye in 2015, as I dug deeper to the real truth what's been going on lately about my show from other third party fandoms. As I'm now in a very bad mood.

Now some of you don't know, is that I created London mobile buddies in the year 2009 right after i was inspired by Mondo's Happy Tree Friends on youtube as i watched more episodes of them in mid 2008 including the ka-pow series which made me into a huge fan of Happy Tree Friends along side south park, Pokemon and family guy, until the year 2010 in February a group of HTF Fandoms attacked my LMB show and myself claiming that my show is a knock off/rip off of happy tree friends even the my little pony and angry birds fandoms were also saying the same thing about my show being a rip-off. 

Well I can now reveal myself that I personally hate the HTF Fandom, don't get me wrong, I am still a fan of the happy tree friends show itself, but my only problem is The HTF Fandom.

For various reasons why I now hate the HTF Fandom is because they are a bad influence on my part, for the past five years I been suffering with so much hate from them, which some of them were racist to me, to the very point it got me so frustrated, I been through hell and back through arguments with such distress and upset, that really got me so mental, I been banned and suspended multiple times on deviantart and on the htf social site via ning which is no longer available, i kept on posting the same old wallpaper posters and received less violations on my youtube account as well in the past, which got me not to trust the HTF Fandom anymore Including the bronies and pega-sisters, which I mostly hate the MLP Fandom with a passion which they are far more worse than the insane htf fans. 

Also in August 2015 I've be doing some research, about the history of the htf fandom itself and it turns out, that I was not the only one who is being attacked by them, they were attacking another show called "retarded animal babies" which was Also a flash animated show made in the year 2003 as the HTF Fandom found that show to be a total Rip-Off of Happy Tree Friends, before I made London mobile buddies in 2009.

All this time, that I did not know for a fact, that these ungrateful HTF Fandom pricks, were all carried on acting like a bunch of fucking assholes for a number of years back, before they bring their own Bollocks to my face in 2010, by given me death threats of being sued for inspiration and given me some constructive criticism on top of it, Which really had FUCKED ME OFF Today. 

Well before I got careless with my haters in this present time, in September 2014, I was on zippcast and their was this Muppet of a user named TheManWithAPlan, which I personally hate him with a passion, he claims that my show was a knock-off of happy tree friends and to add insult to injury, he also claims that my own animated skills is horrendous, which really got me to unleash my newer darker side of myself for the first time on ZippCast. 

As I gave him a piece of my mind at the end, despite what that fool said about me that my animated skills are horrendous which was a mega insult on me as i find it offensive, I did not for give him and I never forget what he just said, with that, It really did not stop me to creating London mobile buddies, It kept me going relentlessly, by doing hand drawing of Redesigning my lmb characters from the beginning of 2015 and at the same time, I Been drawing my LMB characters killing of third party characters, that I am showing my own determination to all the third-party fandom that hated my LMB show, that I am not going to be pushed around to their bullshit and I choose to stand alone with my work, with no trust from any other third party fandom what so ever, because I felt abandoned by it, their for I will not join your third party fandom club, SO STICK THAT WHERE THE SUN DON'T FUCKING SHINE.

As This is the era of LMB

And I am also the Artistic knight.

This is how I got careless with the haters today and I always will. 

Peace out

Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas.

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